Leadership Team



Growing up, he imagined ending up in public service because “helping people” was always a part of Eric Ansart’s vision for his life.  His career began in the non-profit realm in the early 1990’s and evolved to include obtaining his professional series licenses and opening a brokerage firm offering financial products.  When the Southeast Pennsylvania Sales Representative position for Medical Solutions Supplier was offered to him in 2007, it was a perfect fit for his career as well as his desire to help people.  His success in this role led to leading a team of over 30 talented sales people throughout the country.  In 2015, as Patriot Medical Distributors was forming its leadership team, Eric was inspired by the challenge to focus entirely on business development, and accepted his current position.  “I’m very proud to be a part of an organization so generous in its dedication to helping people, and doing it in a creative and integral way.”

Eric’s youth was spent in Florida – a perfect spot to cultivate his love for the water and the great outdoors.  He calls himself an “extreme dabbler” because on any given day you can find him swimming, mountain boarding, surfing, biking, rock climbing or hiking – he often participates in charity runs and has spearheaded wellness initiatives. Cheering him on is his beautiful wife, Leila and the “two gorgeous little munchkins” in his life – daughter Madison and son Chase.






Janelle Silvers joined Patriot Medical in April 2015 as Controller.  A Penn State alum with an MBA from Rosemont College, Janelle brings 15 years of experience in financial management.  From Fortune 500 to “mom-and-pop”, she has established strong financials control for a variety of needs. Originally from Central Pennsylvania, Janelle has called several states home before settling in Delaware with her wife Kari and their three cats (all rescues).  They enjoy gardening and spending time with friends and family.  Janelle also shoots pool in a league (but claims to not be a shark.)


Inspired by the “patient-first” culture of PMD, Janelle looks forward to ensuring the best possible outcome for all.  “Having experienced trying health issues and being there for family members in their time of need, I know how difficult it can be.  The frustration of not being well can be as damaging as the disease.  If we can make it easier AND improve their health, then we have made a difference.”






Shipping Team Leader


Josh Hampson has been in shipping for approximately 5 years, and credits his success to working with "the best team anybody could ask for."  His personal core values are also a key: "As a shipping team we strive for quality above quantity for the associates we ship to. The key is paying attention to every detail of every case."


From writing detailed procedures to designing the PMD warehouse layout and floorplans to maximize efficienciy, Josh also excels at arriving at cost savings measures by ordering in bulk and negotiating with freight vendors. Prior to joining the PMD team, Josh served in retail management, where he honed his inventory control, communication and leadership skills. 


Hobbies include building computers (!) and playing with the "best dog in the universe," Ghost.  He and wife Jillian take him to the dog park regularly, and are convinced that he has springs in his legs because he can jump about 5 feet in the air!