"I have had several spells of cellulitis in my legs. I have used the Arterial Pump on my legs and have avoided any reoccurrences of cellulitis. Using the Arterial Pump has not only reduced the swelling, but also the pain it causes. I feel the Arterial Pump has contributed to the improvement in both my legs."

"I have had three surgeries on my left leg including a bypass and one on my right leg. I was still having severe pain and stiffness in the leg. My doctor told me after my last visit that he could not find a pulse in the leg. I started using the arterial pump and the change has been tremendous. I have little or no pain, no stiffness; I can walk without limping. This pump has been a great blessing."

"After using the pump for only three weeks, the swelling in the ankles and feet has gone down almost to normal. My doctor and I agree that I should continue using the pump as we are trying to avoid two by-pass operations which, at my age (89) are especially serious. Each operation includes a week in the hospital plus rehab and post operation care. All this adds up to a cost to insurance far, far in excess to the cost of the pump. It seems to me that my insurance carrier, Medicare and AARP should take this into consideration."

"I have found this type of device a valuable life saver. Two years ago I had a toe amputated. This was the result of an ulcer which did not respond to any other treatment. My doctor prescribed this device, which I use daily and it has helped to heal new ulcers. This device helped avoid future amputations. I am so thrilled to use such a device."

"The arterial pump was an important factor toward the healing process of my foot surgery. It improved circulation and I still use it about twice weekly. The arterial pump is a very good product."

"After being on the pump for three months, my tests showed I had improved. My legs do not hurt as bad at night. I had lung surgery and was not using the pump as much and the pain got worse. I am now using the pump more and have improved again."

"I feel that using the arterial pump has been beneficial to the poor circulation in both of my legs as my movement is better. Being diabetic has caused neuropathy and foot ulceration. In combination with other treatment, the ulcer is healing and my leg/feet mobility is improved with the pump."

"This is making the blood flow down my leg to my feet and is helping to heal the ulcer on my heel."

"It is a miracle worker. Thank you so much; I shall be forever grateful for your service. "

"I used the compression machine religiously and found I was able to endure the treadmill for a longer time. I questioned whether it was really helping until there came a point when I was unable to use the machine and found that I was not able to walk the treadmill for very long. I have gone from walking 2 ½ minutes to 20-25 minutes."

"I was very pleased that my doctor was able to obtain the arterial pump for me. I use it twice daily and it has been a significant factor in my wound healing as I have a long occlusion in the same leg as the wound. "

"From my first visit to my current doctor, I had hope. I use the pump three times a day. It is the only thing that has helped my swelling. The wound is getting smaller, but I can’t wait to be pain free after over a year of draining and swelling daily. Thank God there is something that helps me"

"My practice began using the pneumatic compression device approximately nine months ago for patients with venous stasis ulcers and/or lymphedema. Since using these devices, our patients have reported fantastic results. "

"We have used the arterial pump on two patients and were very happy with the results. The therapy augmented our wound care plan. The staff are knowledgeable, efficient and very helpful."

"Care of the Lymphedema can be quite difficult. We have had excellent results with these devices."

"The compression pumps have helped our wound care center heal so many of our patients with venous ulcers. We have also found great results in patients with chronic and painful lymphedema. "

"I have had several patients with non-healing wounds that have received a tremendous benefit from the compression pumps. Not only were the wounds healed, but he patients were discharged from the hospital and able to manage their care at home."

"Their compression pumps coupled with their impeccable service is a rare find in the industry."

"Several patients have expressed their delight in having the equipment delivered to their home and having the representative come to them to explain how to use the equipment."

"It is amazing the difference in swelling after our patients start using the lymphedema pumps. "

"I am a wound care specialist and have worked in this field for over 25 years. The compression pump devices are much needed and we appreciate with which we can obtain equipment for our patients."

"I look forward to using my Petite Basic System daily. It has helped keep the swelling in my legs down. I can now wear clothes and shoes I had not been able to and my legs feel almost normal. "

"I am very pleased with my Petite Basic System and feel that it is improving the swelling and blood circulation in my legs."

"I absolutely must use this machine several times a day to maintain edema free legs. I would suggest this therapy to anyone with the same type of problems."

"I am extremely pleased with the performance of the compression pump. I have had lymphedema in my legs for years and my doctors ignored the condition. I was ashamed of the swelling in my ankles, feet and legs and since using the “pump” I’m showing off my ankles and legs. I love how it makes me feel. Thank you! "

"I am so happy at the results and the relief I am getting. I had to buy clothes three sizes larger to get my arms in them. My arms now have gone from a size 18 to 14. I only wish I had this earlier. It would have saved me a lot of suffering. "

"Since this pump has been used, I have no more pain. My legs, knees and feet are getting better and I can walk better. I’m beginning to enjoy life much more. I feel like a different person. After living with this machine I know I cannot live without it! It has changed my life and health for the better these last months. "

"I would strongly recommend this to others that experience problems of lymphedema and swelling of legs. It is like a relief as well as a dream come true. "

"The device has succeeded in bringing me relief from swelling in both of my legs, ankles and feet that has persisted for several years. Results were almost immediate and use of the equipment could not be easier. "

"I appreciate greatly the careful, professional way in which your representative presented himself and your product. I began to notice improvement in my ankles and calves in just a few days!"

"The pump has really helped me with the swelling of the legs, aching and tiredness. I consider myself lucky that I qualified for the pump - I feel much better than I did."

"I haven’t been able to garden for years and since I have the pump, my legs feel so good. My physical therapist and I have been amazed at the results."

"The swelling in my legs is not as great and hopefully in time will discontinue complete. Thank you so much for helping me have a better quality of life. "

"My ankles and legs have improved so much. "

"My legs are smaller than they have been in two years. I am very pleased at the results I am getting from the pump."

"This compression system has done more good in a short time than any other treatment for edema and wound care."

"It is very relaxing and it does help the swelling on my feet and legs."

"This pump is easy to use. My legs are not as heavy after use of the pump. It has helped me so much. Thank you – I needed this therapy,"

"It really pulls the water out of my legs and now I don’t have to take my water pills. "

"My ability to walk without my knee or ankle hurting has improved. The swelling has also subsided. It is easier to put on my shoes and/or compression hose."

"Your medical sales consultant was very courteous and showed me how to use the compression pump on my legs. It has helped get the swelling in my legs and feet down. I use it twice daily without any problems. "

"I am very satisfied with the equipment and improvement of my leg condition"

"The pump is doing its job releasing the swelling and it is taking the stress away from my whole body."

"This is a fine instrument and has done a good job for me."

"This product works great for swelling and makes the legs feel good if they have been hurting. It feels like a great leg massage."

"My legs don’t hurt as much anymore and the selling is pretty much gone. I can now sleep at night."

"This therapy has made the biggest improvement in my feet and legs. I am able to reduce the swelling and it has enabled me to get rid of excessive fluid in my lower extremities, which has reduced my pain in both legs and feet."

"The pump has helped to increase my mobility and kept me from having to travel to another town for treatment. Thank you for your wonderful product. "

"The pump certainly is performing. It really pulls the fluids from the legs, especially in the last 5 – 10 minutes of each hour that it is in use. It is very quiet; the feel of the pump mechanism as it travels up my legs is very soothing and even lulls me to sleep (only to be awakened by my alarm clock when my hour is over.) I use it regularly in the morning and evening. "

"As a quadriplegic with chronic, constant pain in my helps and pelvic area, I do not get out of bed very much. This compression pump helps with circulation, avoiding blood clots and keeps swelling down."