Benefits of Becoming a PMD Dealer

Aside from offering the best quality products available, Patriot Medical Distributors is equally distinguished by outstanding support and service.  Here's an example from Phyllis Sales, President of Still Me based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana:

Becoming a Patriot Medical Distributors associate has been a great asset to our company. We have provided pneumatic pumps for a couple of years but were not expanding that market at the rate we wanted. In those couple of years before I was an associate with Patriot Medical Distributors, I had some success with a lot of effort, but I was missing opportunities as I was having to try to figure out how to expand, what referral sources to target, how to train a sales person, billing situations, how to handle competitors, etc.   

We knew the market was there, but we were not capturing it. I was not as successful as I wanted to be as I was running my business and needing to put in a lot of hours figuring out how to sell and develop the pneumatic pump segment of the business. It was just something I had limited time to do.

Patriot Medical Distributors has been able to answer any questions and many I didn’t even know to ask. They have a program model that has proven success as part of the service they provide. They know every aspect of the business and what it takes to increase the market so you can be very successful.

All the staff is professional, knowledgeable and excited to help. I especially want to thank Eric Ansart. He had been very hands on and willing to help and give good advice. He has helped me with staff, how to handle paper work, how to handle types of referral sources and much more. His knowledge is vast, he is a true professional and it is so valuable that I can call him with any concern, question or idea. With his experience he can give me a workable solution to handle that exact situation. He does training webinars for our staff which has increased our sales and opened new markets for us. All my staff loves to work with him because he gives them confidence and knowledge to perform better at their individual jobs. As a business owner he has actually been a consultant to me that has made it possible to achieve goals we were not reaching before.

Our pump sales are up 155% so far this year compared to the same time period last year.

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