The CompreFLEXTM-LITE is an all new design in lower extremity compression. Utilizing Breath-O-Prene® fabric combined with a thin stretch panel for support, the CompreFLEXTM-LITE simply slides on and wraps around the leg.

Some of the product features include:

  • 30 - 40 mmHg gradient, lkow-stretch comfortable compression
  • Ideal for mild/moderate lymphedema or venous insufficiency
  • Soft and conforming Breath-O-Prene® provides a comfortable fit
  • Easier to use than compression stockings, promoting a high rate of compliance
  • Durable fabric resists fraying and tearing
  • Includes two cotton liners and a CompreBoot™ -Lite
  • Latex free

The stretch panel secures the garment in place while straps are being fastened.  Straps roll back for easy handling. 

Start with the strap closes to the foot and work up the leg; simply wrap each of the straps around to provide active compression. 

The CompreBoot™-Lite foot piece provides mild compression over the foot and ankle. 

It easily fits into most shoes and may be trimmed to accommodate a better fit.

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