Conditions Treated

ArtAssist® has been studied for the treatment of Intermittent Claudication and Critical Limb Ischemia, and has been proven to promote Arteriogenesis, the permanent opening of collateral arteries. 

For patients who suffer from poor circulation and who are not good surgical candidates, the ArtAssist® effective applies compression to the foot, ankle and calf, increasing arterial blood flow to the lower limbs.

One of the primary groups of people who benefit from ArtAssist® therapy are those with Diabetic Foot or Arterial Ulcers. The diabetic foot ulcer is one of the most common and devastating  complications of diabetes mellitus.  When a patient develops an ulcer on the foot due  to poor circulation, even the best dressings and expensive drug therapies may not help without  sufficient blood to the wound.

In fact, each year, more than 56,000 amputations are performed on people with diabetes in the United States alone.  When adequate blood flow is re-established through the ArtAssist therapy, amputations can be avoided.

ArtAssist®  dramatically increases blood flow by three times.2  In a one hour session, the patient's arteries will be expanded almost 200 times.

Another group of patients that can experience dramatic benefits through the use of ArtAssist® therapy are those suffering from Intermittent Claudication.  About 1 million Americans are diagnosed annually for this condition, which is basically leg pain caused by poor circulation.3  

If an artery is partially obstructed due to plaque buildup (atherosclerosis), activities such as walking or climbing stairs can trigger pains or aches.  This is a sign that leg muscles may not be getting enough oxygen and nutrients.  As a result of inadequate blood flow, walking distance may be severely impaired.

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