How Does ArtAssist® Work?

ArtAssist® applies compression to the foot, ankle and calf using comfortable cuffs to increase arterial blood flow.  This compression regimen simulates the beneficial effects of brisk walking, without pain or tissue trauma.

  • First, ArtAssist® compresses the foot and ankle.
  • A second later the calf is compressed and the foot, ankle and calf veins are almost completely emptied.  In return, the arterial blood is more easily pushed down to the toes and blood-deprived tissues.

ArtAssist®  triples blood flow at the tissue level.

A second mechanism of action which accounts for the large blood flow increase involves the cells that comprise the lining of all blood vessels.  They release important biochemical factors that help circulate the blood.  These substances are released in amounts corresponding to the rate of blood flow moving along the cells that line the vessels.

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