Patient Benefits

Patient Benefits* Following Use of ArtAssist®:

  • Increased Arterial Flow
  • Significant long-term effects
  • 1—2 weeks rest pain reduced
  • 1—3 weeks blood to bandage
  • 4 weeks noticeable ulcer healing
  • Within 8 weeks—improved pain free walking

*Typical results as published in clinical studies


  • Rapid inflation
  • Preset pressure
  • Automatic shut off after 60 minutes
  • Home use


  • Produces sheat stress
  • No adjustments
  • No risk of over-use
  • Easy to set up

ArtAssist® therapy takes place in the comfort of the patient's own home.  It is portable and easy to use.  The cuffs are made of soft, durable material designed to last for months of therapy.  It is recommended to use ArtAssist® for three hours daily.  Positive results with ulcers should be seen well within the first month of therapy.

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