Lympha Pants™: Designed in accordance with the principles of manual lymph drainage, Lympha Pants™ contain 24 overlapping compression cells and treat the entire lower body, including the abdomen and groin area, while providing complete bilateral treatment of the lower limbs.

Lympha Pants™ are ideal for treatment of truncal, abdominal and genital areas. Our unique "one size fits all" design means we can provide this important treatment to patients of almost every shape and size. Our patented adjustable boot feature supports and treats the foot in a comfortable, neutral position.

INTRODUCING THE NEW PCD PANTS: Using the same design and function of the industry leading Lympha Pants™, this versatile garment is designed to work with the technology available in the newest Lympha Press units, making it more accessible for many patients.The combination of these specially designed Lympha Press products allows patients to experience effective therapy for managing difficult lymphedema.  Treatment options include Sequential, Peristaltic, Pretherapy™ and Post-Therapy™ cycles.