Designed by a leading vascular surgeon, Lympha Press® systems can be used in the patient's home and are reimbursed by Medicare and other health insurance plans for home treatment of lymphedema and venous insufficiency ulcers (see individual plans for coverage criteria).

PCD 51™

Lympha Press® PCD-51TM gradient sequential compression is easy to use, so patients can get consistent therapy at the touch of a button. 

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PCD 52™

The PCD 52™ is a Multi-Zone Device that can be battery-powered and is configured for 8-chamber sleeves. The device is used for the treatment of chronic edema or chronic wounds.

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Lympha Press® 201MAX has a short cycle time and up to 24 overlapping chambers per garment. It also has three individual zones calibrated at the pump.

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Lympha Press Optimal® gives patients the benefits of the gentle touch of manual lymph drainage along with Lympha Press® calibrated gradient sequential compression. 

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